The leading supplier of Feldenkrais tables

Hands-On DBS specializes in providing Feldenkrais certified professionals, teachers, and students with light weight tables.

As a leading expert focusing on pain reduction for the past 25+ years and spending the last ten years as a Feldenkrais certified practitioner specializing in chronic pain and discomfort I found it a challenge to provide clients, especially those with limited mobility, house-calls.  Tables were always clunky and heavy or light, flimsy, and difficult to setup quickly.  This meant that session setups and teardowns were taking an additional 10 minutes per client.   In a day that added up to over an hour each day spent on setups and teardowns, not spent on helping clients.


I have the exclusive distribution rights to  offer a light weight Feldenkrais table, manufacturted by Astra-Lite, that takes less than 10 seconds to setup and teardown, is well constructed and crafted, and is adjustable in height to suit both clients and practitioners alike.

Hands-On offers Feldenkrais practioners the only light-weight Feldenkrais table under $650!

What is Feldenkrais?

Improving fitness and wellness through the extension and movement of our bodies is fundamental to the Feldenkrais method. Our daily routines, are limited in movement by providing just enough flexibility and extension of our bodies to handle the tasks of the day. However, in order to improve fitness and wellness, we need to increase our range of movement. The Feldenkrais method focuses on improving and increasing the body's range of movement.